Tennis Courts

The combination to the tennis courts can be found on the front of your recreation pass.

Location: The Fairlington Mews single tennis court is by the pool and the double courts are located on 36th Street, near Court #6 and the intersection of 34th Street.

Use:  With the exception of the basketball hoop on the single court, the courts are for tennis only and are for the sole use of Fairlington Mews residents and their guests. The double courts have a backboard for the use of residents who want to improve their tennis skills. The courts are locked and the combination is available to Mews residents.

**Non-tennis activities are NOT permitted.**

Hours:  The tennis courts and basketball hoop are open for use from 9 AM to dusk.  Tennis courts are available for year-round use, weather permitting.

Recreation Passes:  All residents must display a current Fairlington Mews Recreation Pass at either court.  Players who do not post their cards may be asked to leave by a member of the Fairlington Mews Board of Directors, the Recreation Committee, or another resident with a valid Recreation Pass.

Reservations: Since the reservation sheets have not been used extensively in the past, reservation sheets will not be posted unless increased usage requires a change. Instead, the following rules of courtesy will apply:

  • Upon arrival at the court, players should post their Recreation Pass, ensuring one (1) hour of time for singles and one and one-half (1½) hours of time for doubles.
  • At the end of this time period, players must relinquish the court if people are waiting.

General rules:

  • Only adults and those 14 years of age and older may use courts during prime time (defined as evenings and weekends).
  • Those under age 14 must yield the court on request during prime time hours.
  • Backboard users must relinquish the court to adults wishing to play tennis.
  • Players must wear tennis shoes on the courts.
  • Standard tennis etiquette is expected from players and spectators. No one shall cross a court behind a player while play is in progress. The level of conversation should not distract other players or bother neighbors.
  • Players must lock the gates and remove all trash (cups, tennis cans, tennis balls, etc.) when leaving the court.