Recreation Pass

Residents, both owners and tenants, are entitled to one Recreation Pass per household which gives you access to both the pool and tennis courts. Passes for children older than 12 years of age will be distributed at the request of parents.  The combination to the tennis courts can be found on the front of your pass.

Your pass is permanent, you will not receive a new pass each year.  Replacement passes will be issued for a fee of $5 per pass.

Recreation Passes will not be issued to any unit (renters and owners alike) who have an outstanding balance to the Condominium. Debts must be handled through Community Management Corporation, the Mews’ management company. Once debts are paid, a Recreation Pass will be issued.

Renters must provide an electric bill in your name for your Mews address.  Please email this document as an attachment to Kara Boyer,

Complete the below to request a recreation pass. Passes can be picked up at the pool once the pool season begins.