Maintenance & Variances


Changes to individual units are regulated by the Mews by-laws and policies enacted by the Board of Directors. Click here for an excerpt of the handbook for help determining if you need to request a variance before beginning any renovations.  If you need to request a variance please submit the required information to the Board of Directors for approval via the Property Manger at

Don’t forget to check with Arlington County for any permits required for your renovations!

Landscaping & Flower Bed Maintenance 

If you wish to plant annuals or perennials in the flower bed adjacent to your unit you should complete the Flower Bed Waiver Form and submit to Judith Guerny of the Landscape Committee:

Environment Enhancements has provided Watering Guidelines for trees, shrubs and groundcover. Please assist in keeping our landscaping alive and water plants adjacent to your unit.

The landscape schedule can be found here.  This schedule details when the landscape crews will be tending to our property and includes spring cleanup, mowing and fall leaf pickup.

Landscape Modifications

You may wish to change or improve the landscaping adjacent to your unit.  Such changes may include removal or addition of shrubs, trees and borders.  These changes must be approved by the Landscape Committee, please submit the Landscape Modification Request Form if you wish to request any changes.

Tree Mapping

The Landscape Committee is mapping all trees in the Mews in order to track maintenance of the trees and to help make decisions for tree replacement.  For more info, and to see maps of trees, please click here.