Insurance Policy Information

Fairlington Mews Master Policy

The Master Policy is purchased by the Condominium and is written by Insurance Designers, Inc. The policy covers the common elements of the condominium such as walls, floors, wiring, roof and any other common areas as defined in accordance with the by laws.

The master policy covers the “unit as purchased” and is defined as including anything was included in the original sale of the condominium unit to the original owner. Improvements to the unit since the original purchase will not fall into this classification. “Original owners” purchased units after the conversion in the 1970s.

A deductible applies for any loss incurred by this policy. The deductible may be passed onto the individual unit owner that occupies the unit damaged by the loss.

Your insurance provider may require a copy of the policy, if they cannot obtain it and request it from you, you’ll find it by logging into the NRP Owners Portal, select Documents and then Insurance.

Unit Owner’s HO-6 Condominium Policy

The individual unit owner’s policy will cover any personal property and improvements not covered in the master policy. Coverage provided is entirely dependent on the language contained in the master policy and the associations by-laws. Your insurance provider will guide you through the purchase of the policy.