Pool Hours & Rules

Pool Access:  All residents must show their Mews Recreation Pass and sign in with the lifeguard on duty.

Pool Hours:  The regular season runs from May 29 through September 12.

Monday – Thursday:     11 AM – 8 PM
Friday & Saturday:        11 AM – 9 PM
Sunday:                           10 AM – 8 PM
Holidays:                          11 AM – 9 PM

Pool Closed September 7-9.

Post Labor Day Weekend (Sept 10-12):  Friday, Saturday & Sunday 12 – 8PM

Pool Management: High Sierra Pools has been hired to manage the pool for the season. High Sierra is responsible for the maintenance, cleanliness, and safety of the pool area. Its employees are in charge at all times and are responsible for the enforcement of these rules and regulations. At least one employee who holds an Arlington County swimming pool operator’s license will be on duty during operating hours.


  • The lifeguards responsibilities include insuring the safety of swimmers, monitoring pool admittance, and enforcing the rules and regulations.
  • Proper respect and cooperation is due to the lifeguards who are to provide for the safe and orderly operation of the pool.
  • Lifeguards shall not serve as babysitters and shall not provide private services to individual residents while on duty.
  • Lifeguards are not responsible for supervising the wading pool.


  • Mews residents may bring up to four guests at at time at no charge and without a reservation.  Discretion is encouraged, however, particularly at times of peak usage.  The pool manager or lifeguards may, at their discretion, restrict or suspend guest privileges to prevent overcrowding.  Residents who would like to bring five or more guests must follow the reservation request proceeded outlined below in Parties.
  • Guests must be accompanied by the resident with a pass. UNACCOMPANIED GUESTS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED. Requests for exceptions to this rule (for example, temporary house guests or house-sitters) should be addressed to the Recreation Committee two weeks (14 days) in advance for receipt of Temporary Guest pass. Regular application procedures must be followed.
  • Guests are subject to the same rules and regulations that apply to residents. Guest conduct is the host’s responsibility at all times. 


  • Lifeguards are not baby-sitters. Parents are responsible for their children at all times.
  • Children under the age of 12 who have not passed a swim test may not play in the deep end.
  • A child only needs to pass the swim test one time per pool season. The lifeguards will maintain a list of children who have passed the test for reference throughout the summer.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or approved caregiver 16 years of age or older. However, residents’ children aged 8 to 12 may come to the pool alone provided they have passed a swimming test approved by the lifeguard and written parental permission. Permission forms will be available from the lifeguards. Once these criteria have been met, a unique Pool Pass will be given to the child.  Parents must accept full responsibility for their children at all times.
  • Guests of children: Mews residents’ children aged 8 to 12 who have passed a swimming test approved by the lifeguard and have written parental permission to come to the pool unaccompanied (as outlined in the bulleted item directly above) may bring an unaccompanied guest provided that the guest child has passed the swimming test and has written permission from her or his own parents.
  • Children not toilet trained must wear a diaper covered by snug waterproof (plastic) pants in either pool at all times.
  • The wading pool is only for the use of children who have not yet entered the first grade. Lifeguards do not monitor the wading pool.
  • Children who cannot swim must be under the close supervision of a parent or approved caregiver. 


In accordance with the contract with High Sierra, a fifteen (15) minute break will be called each hour to accommodate for the inspection of the bathrooms, water testing, equipment check, clean-up duties and to allow the lifeguard time to take a break from constant surveillance.  All swimmers must be out of the water.


  • Food is permitted inside the pool enclosure on the grassy area only. If people do not pick up after themselves, this privilege will be revoked.
  • ALCOHOL IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED in all areas of the pool enclosure, including the grassy area, regardless of the type of container.
  • Glass containers are prohibited in all areas of the pool enclosure.
  • Lifeguards may eat regular meals at their station.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to take showers before entering the pool. It is especially important to remove suntan lotion and oils that cause the pool to become murky on hot days.
  • Appropriate attire must be worn when swimming.
  • Persons with skin infections, open wounds, communicable diseases, and nasal, ear, or eye discharge are not permitted in the pool.
  • Spitting, spouting of water, blowing one’s nose, and chewing gum are not permitted while in the pool.
  • No smoking permitted within the pool enclosure.
  • All injuries occurring on the premises must be reported immediately to the pool manager.
  • If it becomes necessary to call for medical help, any charges will be the responsibility of the individual concerned. Residents will be responsible for themselves, their children, guests, and caregivers.


  • Game playing and the use of any flotation devices shall be at the discretion of the lifeguards.
  • Any child wearing a flotation device must be accompanied in the water and be within arms’ length of parent or guardian.
  • Running, pushing, wrestling, acrobatics, and roughhousing in and around the pool area are strictly forbidden.
  • Ball playing on the pool deck and inflatable beach balls or sponge balls in the pool are allowed when the pool is not crowded at the discretion of the lifeguard.
  • Diving is permitted only in the deep end.
  • No tricycles, bicycles, big wheels, scooters, skateboards, or other riding toys or devices are allowed in the pool enclosure.
  • Wagons and strollers are permitted as long as they are not obstructing the sidewalk or any common areas (i.e. placed against the fence).
  • Socializing with or distracting the lifeguards on duty is prohibited.
  • Pets of any kind are not allowed in the pool enclosure.
  • The presence of intoxicated persons anywhere within the pool premises is prohibited.


  • For scheduling purposes, residents wishing to schedule a pool party must submit a written request to the Recreation Committee two weeks (14 days) in advance.
  • Parties are defined as 5-15 guests, unless prior arrangements have been made to hire additional lifeguards (at party-giver’s expense).  For 1-4 guests, no reservation is required.
  • No loud music from any source is allowed during the party.
  • Food is allowed in the grassy area only, no glass containers allowed anywhere within the pool area.
  • Parties are limited to two hours in duration.
  • No pool parties of more than 12 guests on weekends in July.
  • Mews residents must supervise their guests at all times to ensure appropriate conduct in the pool enclosure.  In the case of parties with children, one adult chaperone must be present for every 3-4 children. Groups that do not provide adequate chaperonage may be asked to leave the pool 


  • Radios may be played with earphones. Lifeguards may listen to a radio as long as it does not interfere with the performance of their duties or disturb others.
  • Chairs may not be reserved for persons who leave or who are expected to arrive later. Chairs should be covered with towels, especially when using suntan lotion and oils, to prevent discoloration of the plastic webbing.
  • Repair and/or replacement costs for any pool property damaged will be charged to the appropriate resident. Residents are responsible for themselves, their children, guests, and caregivers.
  • Consideration should be given to lap swimmers when the pool is not crowded.
  • The Board of Directors, the Recreation Committee, the pool management and its employees shall not be responsible for personal articles brought into the pool enclosure. 


  • Proper respect and cooperation is to be shown to the pool employees who will take necessary action for the safe and orderly operation of the pool facilities.
  • The head lifeguard on duty has the authority to suspend pool privileges for the day as necessary. If the offender has repeated suspensions, the Recreation Committee will be notified for further action.
  • A request for additional suspension must be made in writing to the Recreation Committee and the management agent and approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Unauthorized entry into the pool enclosure when the pool is not open shall be grounds for suspension.
  • Enforcement authority for these rules and regulations derives from the Fairlington Mews Bylaws of the Master Deed.
  • Requests for exceptions to any of these rules should be addressed in writing to the Recreation Committee.
  • The Recreation Committee reserves the right to modify the Recreation Rules with Board approval.