Landscape Committee News

Tree Tagging

Sometime within the next two weeks you may see a man nailing small metal tags onto the trees in the Mews.  The Landscape Committee hired an entomologist to identify and tag each of our trees with a unique number.  He will create a spreadsheet for the committee to keep track of trees that have been pruned, diseased, or worse, died.  For example, if an Eastern Red Cedar shows evidence of insect infestation, we can locate additional cedar trees on Mews property quickly.  Besides tagging trees, N.A.T.E (Not A Typical Entomologist) creates “bugscapes” for homeowners interested in promoting insects that feed birds and other wildlife.

Another benefit is keeping track of our tree diversity so we can plant native trees recommended by the county as our older trees mature.  Arlington County has an Urban Forestry Commission and advises the county on ways to improve sustainability of our urban tree canopy. They also offer free trees through a grant program.  The Mews applied for, and was granted a free tree this year that should be planted later this fall.  Based on this experience the Landscape Committee plans to apply for additional trees next year.  This link will provide more information about the Arlington program.

Why native trees and plants, you may ask?  Because the trees and plants are from this environment, they are best adapted to the climate of Northern Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Overall, the trees and plants are healthier, drought resistant, and provide habitat for local wildlife. 


Deer are breaking summer camp and on the move. They have been seen in Court Six and probably others as well.  Take extra caution driving in early evening and morning when they are most active.  

How can you help? Please Continue Watering!!!

All of our plants need water, especially newer ones.  We are moving into a drought situation and the shrubs and trees outside your homes need a drink.  There are also younger trees in every court that are stressed.  Signs of stress usually appears in foliage that looks brown or withered.  There are green watering bags available if your court needs one.  They should be filled every two days.  The committee has identified some of the trees in each court and are looking for court members to assist with watering. Please volunteer.

Flower Bed Waiver Forms

Some Mews owners and renters want to plant flowers and shrubs in front of their property.  The Landscape Committee loves this, but we need to know who you are.  We urge you to complete the Flower Bed Waiver form on the website.  Yes, you may have done this in the past, but our information needs updating.  Once you have submitted the form, the Landscape Committee will distribute red reflectors.  This indicates to Environmental Enhancements, our landscape contractor, that this area is taken care of by the homeowner.