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First of all, Straw Hats Off and Two Green Thumbs UP to Judith Guerny who stepped down as the Landscape Committee Chair in July.  Judith was a guiding force for the committee.  Her input will be missed.  

Last year the committee was focused on landscape damage control from Verizon and fence replacement activity.  This year we are addressing King Street tree and shrub replacement. We are using guidelines from Arlington’s Urban Forestry Commission and Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping in selecting trees and plants for the renewal.  Native plants are often less prone to disease and many are drought tolerant. Diversity and maintenance of our existing plants and trees is imperative. The county offers Free Tree Distribution programs which the Mews has applied to and received a freetree that meets the guidelines mentioned above.  We will use this program again to apply for more free trees next fall.  Other Fairlington neighborhoods are moving in the same direction and we are in touch with and collaborating with these communities.

How can you help?


All of our plants need water, especially newer ones.  We are moving into a drought situation and the shrubs and trees outside of your homes need a drink.  There are also younger trees in every court that are stressed.  Signs of stress usually appears in foliage that looks brown or withered.  There are green watering bags available if your court needs one.  They should be filled every two days.  The committee has been identified some of these trees in each court and are looking for court members of assist with watering.  Please volunteer.

Waiver Forms

Some Mews owners and renters want to plant flowers and shrubs in front of their property.  The Landscape Committee loves this, but we need to know who your are.  We urge you to complete and Flower Bed Waiver form on the website.  Yes, you may have done this in the past, but our information needs updating.  Once you have submitted the form, the Landscape Committee will distribute red reflectors.  This indicates to Environmental Enhancements, our landscape contractor, that this area is taken care of by the homeowner.

Work Days

Have a messy spot in your court?  The Landscape Committee will hold quarterly work days for cleaning up the landscape.  Recently, board member Gabe Butler, addressed a problem in Court 1.  A resident was over run with spreading nandina and ivy. Gabe worked to help remove the invasive plants. This saved the Mews over a thousand dollars.  This is just one way your board is working for you, the resident. More to come on when these days will take place and what areas will be addressed.

REMEMBER when we, as residents, work together on a landscape issue as above, this saves the community money and will help keep condo fees in check.


Interested in assisting.  We would love to have your help.  Contact Sue Davis at

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