Landscape Committee – April 22, 2021 is Earth Day!

What have you done for Earth Day? My 5 year old granddaughter was here and she told me in science they discussed Earth Day. I asked what she learned and she replied, “we’re supposed to pick up trash.” So we did, all along the King Street fence, which amounted to 2 paper bags full. We bet you can find some place near you that needs a little cleaning up, weeding, or a native plant.

That is the perfect segue to the Conservation Garden Update.

The Conservation Garden next to the single tennis court by the swimming pool is doing so well, beyond expectations. The original hope was that it would absorb water run off from tennis court and help eliminate the standing water issue, and mosquitos, that occur during the summer.

To see how it’s working, here is a photo taken at March 24, at 4:44PM after a heavy rain event. The standing water is quite evident.

By the next morning, March 25 at 7:34AM the water has all but vanished.

I stopped by again on the morning of April 15, to see how the garden was doing after the all day rain the previous day, to find that someone decided this is a perfect place to dump unwanted potted plants and soil.

They also dumped stones (maybe from the bottom of the pot?). And a brick? Remember your money paid for this garden. Please leave it alone so that it can continue to work as it should.

Please do not dump your unwanted plants and garden materials in the community garden, please place it in the trash.

Respectfully – Sue Davis, Landscape Committee Co-Chair and the team