Landscape Committee News – March 2021

Spring Equinox happens on March 20th this year.  Hands that have been biding time all winter are ready to dig in the dirt.  Dirty and broken fingernails, scratches and bruises, are all part of a gardener’s wardrobe and are worn with pride. 

This March also marks an active campaign by the Landscape Committee to recruit volunteers to assist us in each court.  The truth of the matter is that the committee is aging.  Among the three active members, we had four major surgeries last year.  With that said, we still managed to complete the King Street Rejuvenation Project, plant small butterfly gardens throughout the Mews, and apply for and receive three free trees from EcoArlington.

In the near future, all of the Mews will receive an email regarding volunteering.  The goal is to have (a) representatives from each court.  These residents along with others within the court will organize to water new trees, weed, and most importantly, serve as a liaison between the courts and the committee.  Communication is essential, and admittedly, we have not always been as good about that as we should.

So keep watching, an email will be coming to you soon.

Kudos and a Green Thumbs Up

One of the residents in Court 10 discovered that plants surrounding the ‘big green box’ behind her house had become so overgrown she could no longer get out her rear patio door.  Thanks to Judith Guerny and Sharon Webster, this is no longer the case.  These two super heroes filled three bags with debris.  Thank you, thank you. 


Hurray!  Fairlington Mews was awarded three new trees.  Two of these will go in Court 1.  Kudos to all of you who answered the emails regarding tree choice and placement.  The remaining tree will go to Court 6.  These will arrive in late Spring.

Compacted Soil Issues

Compacted soil is threatening the two large Willow oaks in court 4.  This situation is occurring throughout Fairlington and was the topic of ‘For the Love of Nature’ department in this month’s All Fairlington Bulletin.

This issue was discussed at the February Board meeting and we are waiting for contractor proposals prior to deciding the best way forward.  

Happy Spring from the Landscape Committee!

Fern Birtwistle, Sue Davis, Penny Glass, Judith Guerny (emeritus), and Sharon Webster

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