Landscape Committee News

January 2021

Happy New Year! There is a lot to celebrate this year, including new trees and ‘bug scapes.’ 

Court 3 was the big winner this year with new trees.  They not only benefitted from the King Street Rejuvenation Project, but also received a free tree from EcoArlington’s program.  Hopefully the Swamp Oak will do its job sucking up some of the water runoff from King Street.  Other recipients are Courts 1 and Court 11.

Courts 7 through 15 were spruced up this fall and winter (yes, you can plant in winter if the ground isn’t frozen) with small bug scapes.  This turned out to be quite a challenge for Nate Erwin, our contractor, as many of the areas had limited sunlight and plants had to be kept to below window height.  Right now, most of the plants are dormant, but as spring arrives they will take off.  All are natives and require no watering, plus they attract insects and birds. Many will not bloom this first year, so be patient.  A list of the enhanced areas and the plants used can be found here.

Many of you are thinking about your own garden for this year.  If so, please consider native plants.  The Landscape Committee has created a list of resources for and about native plants.  The Master Gardeners of Virginia offer their ‘tried and true’ list of plants as well as lists for different environments.  Monticello, the home of the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants, offers many plants for sale, but read carefully to determine if they are native.  Bare root plants are available for sale now.  We have also listed resources from the Cape Atlantic Region as well as the Wetlands Institute in New Jersey.  You can find that list here.

Finally, applications have been submitted to EcoArlington for a total of three trees to be planted this spring.  If awarded, Courts 1 and 6 will be the recipients.  The trees are free, but there is paperwork involved showing that the HOA involved meets the criteria.  It was daunting the first time, but seems easier the more often we apply.

As always, we are looking for volunteers.  No landscaping skills or plant knowledge required.

            TREE STEWARDS – water trees in their courts

            WEEDERS – removing ivy, weeds, and helping older Mews residents.

Interested?  We would love for you to join us.  Contact Sue Davis at:   

Your Landscape Committee,

Fern Birtwistle, Sue Davis, Penny Glass, and Judith Guerny emeritus