Landscape Committee News

March Greetings!

This year EVERY Mews Court will be treated for weed control.  In the past we have been told by Environmental Enhancements (EE) that the treatment they use is “organic”.  Not comprehending what the treatment was, several courts did not get treated last year because of resident concerns.  This year we understand more about this treatment: it is corn gluten meal – a by-product of the manufacture of corn syrup.  The product will not affect bugs, pets, or humans, but only pre-emergent weeds, that is weeds that have not started to grow.  The problem is that our weeds are likely to start growing at any minute!  There are even some daffodils in bloom!

Here is additional information about the organic fertilizer/weed control that is used.

  • It is more expensive than chemical fertilizer as the protein content (yes, the same kind of protein we eat in a bowl of cornflakes) has to be at least 60% in order to be able to put down an effective coating of four pounds per 1000 square feet.
  • The product acts as both a fertilizer and a weed control. The Landscape Committee sat down and talked to David Arze of Environmental Enhancements about this. “The product used today helps to build the soil profile so that you have healthier turf with longer roots.  Healthier grass means fewer weeds.”  The entire process takes about three years, but the investment is worth it.
  • The first application for pre-emerging weed is applied the third week of March.   The next application in April handles post emerging weeds, especially the broad leaf ones. A third application during the summer helps to contain crabgrass.

In other news, new trees and plants are coming to Courts Two and Three along the King Street side of the fence.  This is part of the King Street rejuvenation project.  Sweetbay Magnolia, American Holly, Juniperus Virginiana, Southern Bayberry, and Southern Magnolia have been chosen.  We need volunteers to water.  If you would like to help or have any questions, please contact Suzanne Davis at  

Your Landscape Committee,

Fern Birtwistle, Sue Davis, Penny Glass, and Jamie Boone