Landscape Committee News

December was actually a busy month for landscaping with two actions taking place.  The first was the tree tagging project.  All of the trees in the Mews (with the exception of a few) are all tagged coming to a total of 422.  Our contractor created a spreadsheet showing all of our trees by court, common name, and scientific name.  He also made suggestions for trees we can add as older trees decline.  All are Native trees that would increase the diversity of our holdings.  A PDF of this list can be found here and in the Landscape section of this website.

The Landscape Committee also went forward with the rejuvenation along the King Street fence.  A new holly tree, mountain laurels, and sweetspire were added behind Court 4.  Our decision to start small was wise. Some of the Fios lines run along the interior of King Street fence line.  Before planting, Miss Utility revealed, that in some instances, as little as six feet separate the underground lines and the fence.  This is not the case along the entire fence, but it will be a determining factor in moving forward.  In the meantime, the Landscape Committee encourages residents to see the additions behind Court 4.

Super Scaper Penny Glass managed to score ten free trees from the Arbor Day Foundation.  We are offering five trees to Mews residents who would like one in the common area around their property.  The resident is responsible for watering the tree. Trees are available on a first come basis with one tree per resident.  All trees will mature to 20 to 30 feet.  Those remaining will be incorporated into the landscape. 

  • 2 Flowering Crabapples
  • 3 American Redbuds
  • 2 Washington Hawthorns
  • 3 White Flowering Dogwoods

Happy New Year,

Fern Birtwistle, Jamie Boone, Suzanne Davis, and Penny Glass