Landscape Committee News

November is a busy month. Leaf removal begins the first full week of November. A second leaf removal should happen before Thanksgiving, with the final removal prior to Christmas. Keep in mind that all of this is weather dependent.

The other big event is the annual tree trimming. No, not Christmas, but actual TREE TRIMMING. The Board has contracted with Moore and Wright to remove overhanging limbs, dead branches, and in some cases, dead trees. Don’t be surprised if you hear the sound of buzz saws and wood grinding starting around or about mid-November. Again, this is weather dependent.

The Mews scored a free Swamp Oak for Court 6. The tree will be planted sometime this fall and maybe even into early winter. As everyone knows, nothing is really “free”. The application process was long requiring maps and photographs. Submitting the on-line application proved to be the most challenging, but we were finally successful. Knowing the process, the Landscape Committee will apply for more trees next year.

Finally, Fern Birtwistle and I attended a seminar at NVCC on November 2 about “Sustainable solutions to landscaping headaches.” The seminar targets condominium and homeowners associations and focuses on the use of native and indigenous plants.

All the news for now.

Sue Davis Co-chair, Landscape Committee