Tree Mapping

One of the long-term projects the Landscape Committee has tackled is to identify and map all trees in the Mews, which is no easy task. The reason for documentation is to improve the Landscape Committee’s ability to track tree maintenance and to help make informed decisions about tree replacement.

Fortunately, we did not have to start from scratch. A “master plan” landscape map was created in 1979, and probably represented a vision of how the Mews community could look. The trees on the map were identified only as evergreen, deciduous, or canopy. Though a rough plan, one positive aspect of the document was that it detailed all the courts. In order for our current mapping efforts to proceed, the map had to be hand traced and scanned as a jpeg. Each court was then cropped from the bigger map “picture” and made into its own page.

Tree identification was going slowly, until Kyle Thurman from Environmental Enhancements stepped in to lend a hand. In the course of several hours, work was complete. Now the data is being entered onto each of the court maps. A second, and sometimes third page follows each map  and includes a table with the trees common name, picture, web link, and room for notes. The maps are easy to update and provide a way to track tree maintenance. Court 4 is complete. As additional courts are completed they will be added here.

Court 4 Tree Map