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November 2020Trees, Trees, and More Trees!

Behind Court 3

This area of the Mews has been lucky enough to receive more trees than any other this year.  Many came with the King Street Rejuvenation project.  With help from Court 2 and others, the trees were watered all summer and are in good shape.  The Landscape Committee is dismayed to report that someone has been breaking limbs off several of the Sweetbay Magnolia.  This is senseless vandalism, especially when your condo fees paid for the trees.


As many of you know, the Mews was awarded three new trees from EcoArlington.  They will arrive sometime after November 16 and are going to Courts 1, 3, and 11.  Small stakes mark the spots for the placement of the new trees.  

The Mews is applying for more trees from Eco Arlington for spring planting.  Several areas have already been designated in Courts 1 and 6.  If you think your court needs a tree please let the Landscape Committee know.

Moore and Wright  

Residents may remember from years past that Moore and Wright come in November to trim trees and to remove dead ones.  They return this November as well, but will be doing more extensive work.  The last two summer droughts have been hard on many of our trees, even native and well-established ones.  There are at least six dead trees slotted for removal and several older struggling trees that will be removed in the next year or two. 

One of the biggest budget items, however, are the crepe (or crape) myrtles that require extensive pruning. The crepe myrtles are summer bloomers and loved by many residents.  They are also a non-native tree with little to offer the other fauna in this environment. As a result they grow like weeds and need pruning, often, this year about eight thousand dollars worth. As these decline, they will be replaced with native trees that require less maintenance.   

King Street Rejuvenation Project

Finally, Merrifield Garden Center arrives on Monday, November 30 (weather permitting) for the final installation of trees and shrubs behind Courts 4 and 5.  Tree stewards are still needed.  Please let Sue Davis know if you are interested at    

The Landscape Committee, Fern Birtwistle, Suzanne Davis, Penny Glass, and Judith Guerney (emeritus)